We are a small family run business based on the Gold Coast. We are originally from the UK and moved to Australia in 2013.

We are scuba divers ourselves and have dived at various different destinations all over the world. We have been diving for over 10 years.

Over our years of diving we have seen many different colours, types and brands for all the different equipment. We have bright blue and yellow fins as well as bright red boots! These were fine until someone else thought they were cool and then we couldn’t tell each other apart.

We noticed over the years how plain and boring scuba tanks are. How easy it would be to take someone else’s tank by mistake. We first saw someone with a minion tank and our ideas started flowing.

Your imagination is the key to our business. Anything you can dream of, we will help you put it on your tank and make your tank unique to you. You will never lose a tank again!

So why don’t you contact and we will help you make your scuba tank dream a reality.

Graffiti Scuba – Your Tank, Your Way