How it Works

GraffitiScuba’s Sleeves are made to fit all tank sizes. Simply place your design around the tank and heat wrap it on with the plastic sleeve with a hairdryer.

The Design

The ink and design itself are printed on a high quality, waterproof. environmentally safe and tear resistant material.
Hard wearing and long lasting. Printed using a fine arts high resolution printer giving your image the vibrancy, colour depth and quality you want for your design.

The heat shrink plastic sleeve:

Holds and secures your design in place without the need for glue or adhesives.
Easily removed when your cylinder needs to be serviced or inspected
Additional sleeves are available separately for multi use and re-fitment

Scuba Cylinder Size Conversion

Metric Tank Cover Size Inches
10L 57cm x 30cm 22.44 In x 11.81 In.
12L - Short 65cm x 27cm 22.44 In x 15.75 In.
12L - Standard / AL63 / AL100 57cm x 40cm 25.59 In x 10.63 In.
15L / AL100 65cm x 33cm 25.59 In x 12.99 In.
Maximum Circumference 65cm 25.59 In.

We recommend that you read all of these instructions carefully.

  1. Keep your design rolled in the delivery tube until you are ready to fit it, as this will keep it clean and safe.
  2. Clean your cylinder to remove anything that might damage the graphic/sleeve.
  3. Ensure that your tank has been indoors at room temperature for at least 24 hours.
  4. Put your design around your cylinder in the desired place and cut or trim the design to fit your tank (these are final adjustments to suit your personal tank).
  5. Pop the plastic sleeve over the cylinder and design ensuring at least 1” (25mm) of the sleeve over the design top and bottom making sure the seam of the sleeve is at the back of your tank so as not to interfere with your design.
  6. Grab a hairdryer, slowly and evenly heat the sleeve starting at the back (the side that will be against your BCD).
  7. Working from the centre going up then down to remove air pockets whilst shrinking.
    • Note: Don’t go too close as you will burn or wrinkle the sleeve. It should start to shrink to your scuba diving cylinder. If wrinkles do appear continue to apply low heat and the wrinkles should start to disappear.
  8. Keep going until you are happy that the plastic sleeve has evenly and completely shrunk with minimum creases.


  • Graffiti Scuba designs do not alter buoyancy.
  • Graffiti Scuba allows for inspection stickers and hydro-testing stamps to be clearly seen.
  • The application of the design to the tank is done by you, we provide the product only.
  • Once they are on, they won’t come off until you cut them.
  • Doesn’t harm or alter your tank in any way.
  • Covers dings, scratches and blemishes on tanks.
  • Does not promote the rusting or pitting of tanks.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Although our designs do allow for inspection stickers and hydro-testing stamps, some inspectors will want the design removing before the next inspection. Graffiti Scuba offers replacement sleeves – the designs do not need to be replaced.  These are available through selected scuba tank inspection stores and directly through Graffiti Scuba.