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What is included:
1 x Graffiti Scuba design
1 x Protective sleeve

NB The scuba tank is NOT included.

• Graffiti Scuba designs do not alter buoyancy.
• Graffiti Scuba allows for inspection stickers and hydro-testing stamps to be clearly seen.
• The application of the design to the tank is done by you, we provide the product only.
• Once they are on, they won’t come off until you cut them.
• Doesn’t harm or alter your tank in any way.
• Covers dings, scratches and blemishes on tanks.
• Does not promote the rusting or pitting of tanks.
• Environmentally friendly

Additional information

Cylinder Size

10L (57cm x 30cm), 12L Short (65cm x 27cm), 12L Standard (57cm x 40cm)


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